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How it all began.....

Posted on February 15, 2017 at 10:15 AM

I was given some wonderful advice about Blog writing by a beautiful old school friend of mine, Fiona. So here goes.........

Q: Why did you start Marlee and Me Creations?

A: I was at a point in my life when I was struggling.

Struggling with the news the medication I was on to keep my MS at bay had now put me in the dangerously high category to developing a brain disease known as PML.

Struggling with the fact that this meant having another child was off the table.

And struggling with the feeling that after all the things I had achieved in my life, all of a sudden the slate had been wiped clean and I was just a house wife. I no longer felt validated in our home.

So I turned all that energy into finding my creativity again - creativity that had been neatly tucked away for 30 years whilst life took over.

We had just renovated the exterior of our home and I thought we could turn the side of the house into a Fairy garden for Marlee. She was and still is fairy mad. Frozen mad. Barbie mad. Shimmer and Shine mad. You get the picture.

I started to make little suncatchers out of old coat hangers and happened to post a picture on Facebook. It only took one comment that I should sell these and whacko........ Marlee and Me Creations was born on June 2015.

It became my second child. And it reached around me and pulled me out of the emotional hole I was in.

So from that moment on, it has opened up a Pandora's box - full of ideas.

I also became apart of an incredible creative community by selling my wares at various markets around Perth. I've met some beautiful, like minded ladies who, like myself, have found a way to work around their family situations.

And you know what?

Kylie is back baby!

Until next time

Kylie xx


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