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The Market Scene

Posted on January 23, 2018 at 5:25 AM

Disclaimer:: before you read this, please note this is a tongue in cheek piece. No one was physcially harmed in the process of writing this.....

It's been a while since my last entry. I told you a little bit about myself and then nothing.

Why you ask?

Well, 2017 was a busy yet strange year.

For the WA (for Eastern states readers that's Western Australia) market scene it was tough for many. That's right folks, the mining boom is over baby and it's never gonna be that waaaaaaaay again. Cashed up bogan's were selling their boats, downsizing their Commodore's to a Mazda Hatch back and could only afford half a Southern Cross tattoo - "I'll get the rest done in Bali".

Hence the trickledown effect. People weren't buying at markets. So what happened? Mutiny people! Market organisers scrambling for you to attend their market but could only afford one Facebook post for advertising. And competition? Boy oh boy. That went to a new level. You'd come up with a new idea, be proud to post and promote it on your social media pages and BOOM! Someone's whacked a tassel on it and called it their own.

But today I'll talk about the types of stallholders I've discovered along my journey. There are 5 main categories of stall holders:

1) Handmade - I fall into this one so that's why it's first. Most of us are Mum's. Creating businesses from our hobbies, naming our businesses after our children because it's sweet and more importantly - having some time to ourselves. We can be annoying because we talk allot. Stoked to be out of the house and not watching the 100th rerun of Frozen with your child that just won't let it go.

2) Imported goods - these are stall holders that would otherwise be unemployed. Sick of being harassed by Centrelink, they've purchased some shite from Alibaba in bulk, thrown their label on it and can now say they're self-employed. All the Oztrail walls go up immediately on their gazebo, even on a beautiful day because they too, are embarrassed of the shite they are selling.

3) Child entertainment - generally in the form of Face Painters. Gorgeous girls dressed up as fairies with bosom’s I can only dream of, smiling sweetly and painting your child's face for $5 with paint that may cause an allergic reaction later that night. It's where Dad's don’t mind lining up with their eager children for up to an hour, only to have a little flower and a shite load of glitter smeared on their face.

4) Food Vendors - you need them - all of them. Bring them on. All nationalities. All types of delicious aroma's wafting through. But man, get stuck behind their generator and it can ruin your day. Yeah, they smile sweetly at you and then crank that bad boy up - drowning out the incessant chatter of the Handmade Mother's brigade and contributing to global warming. But hey, everyone loves a Gol? Golza.? Golzeme? You know, the pita bread with feta cheese, spinach and if you're early enough - a wedge of lemon.

5) Last but not least is the Party Planners. They are similar to the Handmade brigade. Mostly Mum's. But these ones just can't be arsed making anything.

 So there you go. I’ve set the scene for another entry that might take another 6 to 12 months. I'll give you a clue what the topic will be - Market Organisers. I won't go into too much detail yet but I will say this - Santa has nothing on these lasses. You better watch out, you better not cry, because BOOM! You'll never get into their market again. Come to think of it - I will leave that topic alone - smiley face emoji.

Until next time

Kylie x

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